A Bridal Flea???

I get asked a variation of the above question on the regular, so here’s the truth:  I LOVE flea markets!  From vintage to handmade, I adore finding cool pieces for my wardrobe, home, and more. I’m obsessed with shopping for new shoes (these Shoes of Prey beauties keep calling out to me}, but I’d be ok with having the rest of my wardrobe, jewelry and all being vintage {at least 30% of it, if not more, currently is!}.  If you ever go to NYC, I highly recommend stopping by the BrooklynFlea; it just might be my favorite {so many goodies, and so many positive vibes flowing}.  I even considered launching some sort of Houston Flea, inspired by the Brooklyn Flea, but I realized there were similar events being held by Flea Style and Pop Shop Houston, just not on a weekly basis like Brooklyn Flea.

Then one day, my friend asked me to sell her wedding dress, which was a a lot more challenging that I expected, a co-worker told me of her weekends spent searching thrift stores for items for her wedding, and another associate told me she donated her stuff to Goodwill after her wedding because she didn’t know what to do with it!  I thought, it would be cool if there were a flea market where past brides could sell their leftover items, whether it be a dress or table linens and candleholders…where current brides could shop pre-loved items to save money and/or make their weddings unique…where small handmade businesses, that may not be able to afford the booths at large bridal expos {or don’t want to risk being lost in the chaos of a big bridal expo)}, could sell their lovely products.  Throw in a cool space and music, and it shall be a good time! -)

I believe weddings are special, and in my world, flea markets are events/places where special things happen {like finding a vintage duster, that no one else can even imagine having, to wear with your favorite jeans}.  So, why a bridal flea?  Because I want to create opportunities for brides to find the things they want to make their weddings’ special.  Because I want newlywed brides to have the opportunity to sell the items from their special weddings, knowing that these thins are going home with a special bride, preparing for her own special day. Because I want to support small businesses, providing them a special way to connect with brides across the city of Houston. I hope to see you there!

Early Bird tickets currently available through the rest of this month!  If you’re interested in being a vendor, there are few spots left!

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