Dreams + Realities

I’m a dreamer!  My mind comes up with new ideas ALL OF THE TIME.  Sometimes, I take these ideas and allow dreams to form…to chase, and I chase them hard, but more times than I care to admit, I quit before the dreams can become realities.  I get frustrated.  I get overwhelmed.  I feel defeated.  I doubt myself.  Another dream is not realized.  About a year ago, I got the idea to do a bridal flea market.  I ignored it.  I honestly didn’t want to be a let down with another dream not realized.  It didn’t exist.  There were no other bridal fleas in the area.  Most people had/have no idea what a bridal flea market is. However, I couldn’t shake the idea. So, the Houston Bridal Flea Market dream was born!  I spent last year planning, failing, growing, trying, and learning, and this year I am ready to turn the dream of Houston Bridal Flea into a reality.

As we start this new year, as my mind creates new dreams, for HBF, as well as my personal life, I am hoping and praying that this is the year that I not just be a dream chaser, but a true dream realizer.  I want the same for you!  Whether it be the wedding of your dreams, seeing the world, starting a new job, or getting in shape, this is as good a year as any to turn your/our dreams into realities.  It won’t be easy. We will have to work hard.  We will experience discomfort.  We might even fail {it’s ok to fail, but it’s not ok to not try again}, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

With the start of the new year, I thought it’d be awesome to start a blog, on the HBF website, where I can share experiences,  fun information, and my journey to turning my dream into a reality. I hope that you will visit regularly, and please don’t be too shy to say hello. 🙂  HAPPY NEW YEAR darlings!  Let’s make it  great one.

What dream(s) are you looking to turn into a reality this year?

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